Live at Plötzlich am meer 



Heart Drive

Recorded at Random Robots Studio
Music production and mixing: Hernan Ambrogi
Director/ editor: Marieke Helmus 
Director/ production design :: Dawn Ray Hourigan
Camera: Rieks Soepenberg

Live at Urban Spree Berlin 



Live at Fusion Festival (Ausländer)



Thank you video- Crowdfunding Campaign 



Where is Tom?

Song Written & Produced by Anatopia
Mixing & Mastering by Guy James Cohen
Written & Directed by Zoe D'Amaro and Marco Della Coletta 
Produced by Godmother Films
Cinematography - Rieks Soepenberg
Set & Costume Design - Daphna Munz, Hadas Hinkis, Liav Gabay, Francesco Iacopelli 



Camera; Rieks Soepenberg, Rutger Buiter and Anatopia.
Dancers: Jip, Charlotte, Linda, Lara and Alexander.
Swipers: lovely people we met along our way in Japan, The Netherlands and Germany.
Concept, direction and edit: Anatopia
Color corrections: Rieks Soepenberg

Schlampesness at Cafe Glocksee Hannover 



Live at Plötzlich am meer 



Live at PipsLab Amsterdam 



Live at Pacific Parc Amsterdam